Friday, January 22, 2016


Do you remember the times when you mentioned Brixton and everyone cringed just by the sound of it? See how "current" it is to live there now. It will happen to Croydon too, just wait for it! Since I've been living in the area, all I can see is the rapid developments: Matthew's Yard, Boxpark, Westfield. So I decided to create a series of posters to promote the area: here is the first one, my favourite, near East Croydon Station, No.1. 50p building. 

I had some free time this afternoon and I had this thought to run down quickly and take some pictures of the 50p building just before the sun go down. I was planning on doing these posters for ages... Then I just played around with it in Ps and Id. Here is the original and slightly edited pics:

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